People of Death

Life Lesson # : Be careful who you kiss, because they may turn out to have done it.
Life Lesson #9: Black clothes and a beanie = culprit.


Life Lesson #16: Always suspect the drunken skinny dipper.
Small-time country lawyer MY ASS.
It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!
Surprised? So was I...
Brought down by that new-fangled technology known as call forwarding. Who'da thunk it?
And the killer is...Andy!


Sinister man drinking tea...
Well this is just depressing...
This image was not digitally altered in any way...*coughs*
Sorry, couldn't help myself...
I told you Kardashian's don't do anything.
Ugh. Really?


Are you as underwhelmed as I am?
Sigh. Can we trust noone in this crazy world?


Crap cop gone bad.
Ah yes. That old chestnut.
I thought his 'going to see mother' excuse was a little bit Norman Bates
I thought there was a little 'Evil Stepmother' thing going on with her...
I guess WINGS was just gonna *puts on sunglasses* live and let die. YEAHHHHH.
I first became suspicious of her when she pronounced paddock with the emphasis on DOCK. Mispronouncing words=guilty.
Debs of Death is also the reason I never wanted to do the whole Deb Ball thing. True story, probably.
He's creepy and he's kooky, and also guilty of multiple homicides. :(
To be fair, the hair was a bit suspicious...
Believe it or not...
Well I never.
Told you he was shifty.
Thank you, and goodnight.
I'll be honest, I didn't see this coming. Mainly because by this point I'd stopped looking.
Did you guess?
Call me Al.
Life Lesson # : Women who come storming into funerals throwing wild accusations about aren't always wrong.
Pity. She seemed to be the only relative who wasn't a complete arse.
So...yeah. Only has ten lines, is still the killer.
Excuse me while I die of unsurprised.
(Also Ringmaster of Death)
Excuse me while I have heart attack and die of NOT SURPRISED
Not for nothing, but that's two for two MASH actors that have gone on to kill people on Murder, She Wrote. Think I'll be keeping an eye on them...
Of course it was???
Pity. I was kind of hoping it was Walter's daughter.
Oh yeah, that guy.
I'll be honest, my care factor is not high.
Life Lesson #51 - ALWAYS SUSPECT THE DENTISTOh. Well, fine, whatever.l2As soon as she started stroking that cat I was all "KILLER!" That's just basic laws of the universe right there,Huh.o2







Or as I shall always think of her, Other Lady Macbeth of Death

What a cow.

Fair enough then.

Not gonna lie, I'm not sure I care.

Surprise! (Not really)



Not gonna lie, didn't see this one coming.

SURPRISE! Not really,

Yeah. This episode got away from me a bit.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kapps
    Jan 30, 2014 @ 18:34:06

    Hysterical! Love seeing all the murderers on parade. My favorite is Debbie Delancy of Death.


    • Briony
      Jan 31, 2014 @ 09:30:44

      Hee hee thanks! I must admit so far my favourite has been Moustache of Death, but it’s still early days 🙂


      • Kapps
        Jan 31, 2014 @ 15:50:57

        Is there any chance of doing a second for Gabe Kaplan? It would be RIM SHOT OF DEATH. He was a drummer in that episode and was proud of being able to provide his own rim shots to his jokes. Ha! Love your site, but I also love Grady!!

      • Briony
        Feb 01, 2014 @ 07:26:22

        Ahaha. Thanks! Grady needs all the love he can get, I’m showing him none 🙂

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