And now, a word from our sponsor


I had big plans to bring you the next episode of Murder She Wrote today. But then my friend Jess happened. And then tequila happened. And then 4am happened.

So instead, I’m reposting this because obvious reasons:

Merry Christmas Fletcherfans. Thank you for stopping by and reading (and sharing) my crazy blog. If you’re in the northern hemisphere I hope it snows. If you’re in the southern hemisphere I hope it doesn’t because I have big plans to lounge around by my uncle’s pool and eat cheese so some actual summer would be nice.

More than anything, I hope you eat so much on Christmas Day you spend most of Boxing Day lying on the couch wishing you could do it all again, as is tradition in my family.

See you in 2014 xox.

And now, a word from our sponsor

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Alas the Murder, She Blogged typewriter has crapped out again. I’m hoping I will be able to get my henchmen to make it work over the Christmas break, and I will be back to completely misinterpreting Murder She Wrote episodes in about three weeks.

In the mean time, here’s a little something-something from me.

Merry Christmas Fletcherfans. See you soon!