It’s Season 8 finale time Fletcherfans! We find JB back in the Big Apple, off to yet another fancy business meeting because that’s just how she rolls. As she rides the elevator up, a gloved hand slips a piece of paper into her handbag. Shenanigans are afoot. (Or to be accurate, a gloved hand but whatever).

Jess arrives just in time to see a press conference wrapping up with the company’s vice-president Meredith Delaney, who is explaining to the assembled press that she has decided to pit two competing ad agencies in a Hunger Games style fight to the death to see who will get the Marathon Toys account.

Some of that might not be true.

Meredith also announces that Marathon Toys is currently in negotiations with a top crime novelist about developing a murder-solving board game called Murder Will Out (*coughs*).  Now wouldn’t you just know it, but one of the creative directors, Brian Singer (The Boss Lady’s nephew in real life), just happens to know Jessica, so when he spots  her loitering in the reception area at the end of the press conference, he delightedly puts two and two together. He introduces JB to his boss, Miles Packard, who is interrupted by the arrival of his competitor Boris Steloff who wants to wish Miles good luck. Miles informs him he is well aware Boris has taken the competition into the bedroom.

This seems to happen quite a lot to Our Heroine. (Also, murders. But whatevs)

Miles and Boris depart, soon followed by Brian who tells JB to meet him for lunch at 12:30 for a catchup. Meredith’s assistant calls JB into the office. Meredith introduces her to her husband Devery McFarlane,  who will be overseeing the games development, and then gets called to the phone. Devery tells JB  that company president Edgar Greenstreet is particularly excited about the game, and has a lot of ideas. JB is delighted, Greenstreet is a legend in the toymaking world.

Meredith gets off the phone and replaces her clip-on earring (annoying character trait or annoying plot point? We may never know), and informs JB that she is responsible for the business, Greenstreet is an eccentric and best not thought about. Righto.

Over lunch, Brian and his partner Amanda North chat about advertising with JB. JB finds a piece of paper in her handbag with Room B100 and a time, and wonders if there’s a B100 at Marathon. Amanda asks about another campaign she and Brian worked on, a makeup campaign, and Brian tells her he didn’t give the client her copy, her views about how to sell the makeup were irrelevant, honey. Amanda suddenly realises she has a meeting to get to and rushes off. Brian follows.

You sir, are not Don Draper.

JB returns to the Marathon offices, where she finds the mysterious B100 and enters the security code so helpfully given to her by the gloved hand. Inside, it’s like Wonka Land for toys, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.


I would rather go cage diving for great white sharks than see that.

Jessica soon meets the man behind the curtain and it’s all you would expect.

If Jessica wanted to hangout with a man-child, she would call Grady.

Oh it’s Higgins from Magnum PI no wonder he sounded familiar.

Greenstreet, mad scientist that he is, seems to be on Jessica’s wavelength about the game, but when she tells him about Meredith’s suggestion that he isn’t really involved in the company he tells her not to worry about what that female Caligula said, and to not tell anyone she has access to B100. JB gets held up by the robot again, and when she turns back to Greenstreet, he’s gone. The robot tells her to talk to Brian about a game he helped market called Waffles, it had a very similar concept to hers.

This episode is 90% about Jessica reacting to being held up by a robot

Later that night, in the offices of Boris Steloff (and associates) Boris is worrying about the contract. Greenstreet has a soft spot for Brian and Amanda, and he has the final say about who gets the contract, so he thinks he’s in with no chance. Meredith tells him the relationship between Brian and Amanda is a bit rocky at the moment, so maybe he’d like to consider taking Amanda on as a partner – but if he tries to get in Amanda’s pants, it’s all over. Decision made, they hear a noise out in the main office  and see a shadowy figure running away.

Not one to waste time, Boris starts cruising the streets of New York happens across Amanda waiting for a taxi and gives her a ride home (as witnessed by a car lurking across the street). He convinces her Brian is holding her back and arranges to meet her at his office the next night to talk turkey.

The next morning Meredith resumes her role ruining lives, and eviscerates a dump truck designed by Frank Christy for being an accurate representation of a dump truck, not caring that Greenstreet overruled her requests for cost cutting measures. Jessica meets Frank leaving the office, apparently having been called in by Meredith. Meredith tells JB she’s heard some worrying news that Jess has been hanging out with Greenstreet and reminds her that Greenstreet isn’t all there and basically she needs to stay away. Jess is not on board with this and walks out. Meredith’s assistant, Moffatt, stops JB and tells her that Meredith just has a lot on her mind these days.

Meredith tells Devery that Frank needs to be fired immediately if not sooner, and Devery wonders when it will be his turn, on account of her sleeping with Boris and everything. She looks shocked but then tells him she wants him gone by the end of his contract. Hashtag capitalism is great.

That night Amanda goes to see Boris and hear his plans for her future, which include a vice-presidency, the likelihood of being made full partner, and all the makeup campaigns she can poke a stick at. They seal the deal with champagne, and Boris chucks in a kiss for good measure (pervert). Unfortunately for him Meredith is lurking in the darkened hallway and has seen everything. Sucker.

The next morning, JB meets Brian to discuss Waffles, which isn’t called Waffles apparently, it’s called Pancake Man. He’s not really focused though, he’s just found out that Amanda is leaving to join Boris. Meanwhile, Boris has just walked into Meredith’s office crowing about his success when she slaps him. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DID LAST SUMMER LAST NIGHT. Boris storms out just as Devery arrives looking rather cheerful.

That night, Greenstreet and a couple of his robot sidekicks host a soiree to celebrate 20 years of Marathon-ness. Meredith, Moffatt (whose first name is Sylvia it turns out), and two men. The men receive cufflinks, the women get earrings. Jess stands front and centre, watching the proceedings and necking champagne when Devery wanders past to tell her not to worry about him not overseeing her project any more. Frank also wanders past, looking very jolly for someone who just got fired. Brian offers a dance with JB but Greenstreet steps in first, leaving Brian looking forlorn. Even Amanda isn’t giving him anything, she barrels past him and goes straight to Boris, who quietly informs her that that great employment opportunity he had for her is looking a bit sketchy. Greenstreet smirks away and asks Jess to meet him in his lair for a continued talk about her board game.

Brian sees Greenstreet leave the party early and decides to follow him. Later, when Jess tries to find him to tell him about her meeting with Greenstreet she can’t find him anywhere. She does find Meredith, who gets a phone call (and off comes the earring) and rushes off, saying she has no idea where Brian is.

Jessica heads down to the basement, lets herself in to room B100 and turns the lights on. Greenstreet’s train-sled comes whirring out of the back room, as the man himself walks into the lab behind JB. He grabs the remote for the train and turns it off. Meredith Delaney is lying in the train-sled, significantly more dead than before.

One of the NYPD’s finest, Lieutenant Hornbeck arrives and immediately declares it a robbery gone wrong when he finds an earring on the floor and a security cabinet broken into. Moffatt pops up to tell them that Devery is upstairs and they all troop up to talk to him. He has nothing for them, his wife had made plenty of enemies who might want the contents of the security cabinet. Moffatt chimes in that Meredith, Devery, Greenstreet and the designers are the only people with the security code. (*coughs* And JB *coughs*)

In the cab going home, Devery tells JB he’d long fallen out of love with Meredith, and now that she’s dead he inherits everything. He wonders what the police will make of that.

And you thought I couldn’t drop a Cruel Sea lyric on this blog.

Devery tries to deflect suspicion by telling JB if Greenstreet looks ten years younger tomorrow to check the annual report that is being released. It might shed some light.

The next morning, JB calls Amanda to tell her the news but she’s already heard. JB asks her if she’s heard from Brian, who’d been AWOL since the previous night, but Amanda tells her she hasn’t. At the Marathon office, Hornbeck tells her they’ve almost solved it, and that all the designers had alibis.

“Even Frank Christy?” Asks JB.

Hornbeck had the same theory but he had an airtight alibi, but also a 20K cheque dropped in his bank account that had just been removed as travellers cheques. He gets a phone call from the lab that confirms the owner of the fingerprints found on the murder weapon and the door to B100 is Brian Singer. JB scoffs but Hornbeck has his man.

Brian turns himself in to JB and says that he’d followed Greenstreet downstairs but lost him so he wandered around the workshops until he found B100. H tells JB that the door was open so he figured Greenstreet was in there and went in. He saw the busted security cabinet, tripped over the crowbar that had been used to kill Meredith, and hightailed it out of there. He never saw another person.

Jess agrees to help him on the condition that he turns himself in to police. Greenstreet calls JB to ask if they could continue their discussion re: the game, and JB asks to make it later in the day, she has errands to run.

Errands, apparently, involve going around to Frank Christy’s apartment. His landlord tells her Frank decamped for far away lands earlier that morning. Jess tells him she lent Frank her coffee pot and the girls are coming around for poker night, might she…

The landlord grins and tells her the door is open – Frank’s sister just came by looking for her breadmaker.


That person, it turns out, is Amanda North looking for Brian. She’s worried he’s done something stupid. Jess tells her that’s what she thought too when she’d heard Frank had been bribed 20K for the access code to B100 but that she doesn’t think Brian is responsible. She decides to go see him in jail, and takes her earring off to use the phone.


Anyway, this triggers a memory in JB’s brain and she goes to ask Moffatt about the annual report. It turns out Meredith had been quietly acquiring stock options and was close to having enough power to oust Greenstreet as CEO.

Down in B100 JB confronts Greenstreet, which may or may not have been a gambit to lure out the real killer, to be honest I’ve been googling giant 90s earrings and telephones and somewhat missing the point.

I mean how big even are those earrings

Anyway, Moffat loved Greenstreet and hated Meredith and there was an earring swap and well there you go. Season 8 is done and dusted. You guys there’s only 4 seasons left!