S05E18 – Trevor Hudson’s Legacy

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There’s a-doin’s a-transpiring down in Montana this week Fletcherfans. JB and literary agent Dorothy Westerfield have arrived in Custer Creek to be at the dedication ceremony for a new postage stamp celebrating the life of author Trevor Hudson.

While Dorothy goes off match-hunting, JB awaits the arrival of their ride Bob Jarrett, who has been hired to turn the rough draft of Trevor Hudson’s last manuscript into a finished novel. When he arrives, he tells her that they won’t make it on time to the ceremony but Jess has bigger fish to fry – she demands to know what was so important that they couldn’t speak on the phone? Bob asks her if Dorothy is with her, and has said anything about the manuscript, but before he can elaborate, she reappears without matches.

Meanwhile, the ceremony is underway. Trevor Hudson’s grandson-in-law, Barney Drake (who is apparently the mayor in Sharknado 2 which reminds me I haven’t watched Sharknado 2 yet) conducts the ceremony and conveniently introduces the rest of Trevor’s offspring – his daughters Maria and Olivia, and his son Andrew who did the painting that the stamp is based on. One notable absentee is Barney’s wife and Trevor’s granddaugher Cat the movie star, who sends her regrets that she couldn’t attend the ceremony on account of auditioning to replace Jeremy Clarkson as host of Top Gear.

Fun fact: that actress was briefly married to the guy who was dating Olivia Newton John and faked his own death and is apparently working on a fishing boat in Mexico according to the internet rabbit hole I just fell down.

Fact: that actress was briefly married to the guy who was dating Olivia Newton John and faked his own death and is apparently working on a fishing boat in Mexico according to the internet rabbit hole I just fell down.

Cat’s pasttimes include speeding and picking up men left lying about on roads, much to the chagrin of her husband, who is a bit miffed that his wife missed out on some quality network coverage by skipping the ceremony. His mother-in-law Maria doesn’t care – what she’s more concerned with is the fact that Bob Jarrett has reneged on a deal that could bring them down. CRYPTIC.

Meanwhile JB is upstairs unpacking (God she’s amazing, I hate unpacking when I move house let alone go on holiday), and chats to Dorothy about the book Bob has edited. Dorothy tells her it’s amazing, touching and sensitive which surprises Jess as Trevor Hudson’s last book was referred to as having “the cutting edge of a diamond with none of the warmth”.

Dorothy excuses herself to continue Match Search ’89, while Jess is drawn outside by the sound of gunfire. She finds Olivia shooting clay pigeons with town sheriff Hank Masters. They haven’t seen Bob but Olivia tells Jess to ask Maria, who knows where everyone is at all times. Before she finds Maria Jess sees Bob waving at her from the doorway to the study – he has something to show her. The scandalous truth that is set to bring down House Hudson is that his posthumous novel that Bob was sent to edit was based on 10 pages of notes and some scribbled,  lines dictated to his daughter Maria. Basically, Bob wrote the whole thing and now has to decide whether or not to expose the whole business as a literary fraud.

JB is aghast, mostly at the idea that Bob thought she was in on it.

Fact: Jesicca Fletcher is a Jedi Knight.

Fact: Jesicca Fletcher is a Jedi Knight.

Jessica asks the obvious question, why didn’t he just walk away? Bob confesses he was seduced by the Trevor Hudson legend, and wanted desperately to be a part of it. Plus there was Cat.

“Surely Cat didn’t help you write the book.” Jess says.

“In her own way.” Bob says.

No really. Don't say. Please don't say.

No really. Don’t say. Please don’t say.

Cat herself has returned from her tour of the countryside. Her husband finds her in the shower and demands to know why she missed the ceremony. She gives him the brush off and he hits her but then tells her all about the movie deal he’s got for her – he just has to fly up to Cheyenne and seal the deal. Cat tells him to take his time and slams the door in his face.

As the sun goes down Jess counsels Bob on his next move, saying that not everyone will believe him, and they will argue that he is trying to further his career at the expense of a literary giant who can’t fight back.

“But that’s not true.” Says Bob.

“Well I know it’s not true, but when it comes to selling newspapers the truth is not always an issue.” Says Jess. (Life Lesson #58 right there.)

They are soon joined by Maria Hudson, who has questions about the galley proofs. Bob tells her that JB knows about the lack of manuscript but she shrugs it off, saying there were tonnes of notes she committed to memory when her father grew too ill to write. Jess asks her why she didn’t record anything and Maria says her father didn’t want tape recorders in the house (there is only one phone in the house, installed in the kitchen when Trevor got sick. I can’t remember if that’s important, but there it is).

Bob begs to differ, and leads them to Trevor’s office and pulls a tape recorder out of the desk drawer. Maria insists that it isn’t her fathers, so he presses play and asks Jess if she recognises Trevor’s voice. She does, naturally. Maria insists she didn’t know about it, but Bob thinks she’s just trying to ensure that the book will become a bestseller with her father’s name on it. She is outraged and tells him he’s not going to get away with stealing her father’s work and taking credit for it.

After dinner, the gang convene in the drawing room for tea and biscuits with the notable exception of Bob Jarratt. Maria has managed to get Dorothy on board the Bob Jarratt Hate Machine, but Jess thinks they should hear all sides of the story. That gets a frosty response from everyone, so Hank decides to toast the painting while Cat demands to know what they’re going to do if Bob goes public.

Guys, these people kind of suck.



Later that night, JB has retired to be to read this mysterious book of doom when a breeze kicks up. She goes to close the window and sees AN OMINOUS SHADOW creeping round the side of the house. Because that always bodes well. Downstairs, Cat is pantsless and pouring champagne for a gentleman caller who is very much not Barney.



Later a window breaks, startling Jess out of a nap (the book can’t be that good then). She gets out of bed to investigate and finds Bob lying dead in the study. Well that was a shock.

Sheriff Hank is on the scene with the doctor who proclaims that Bob died around 11:30pm. Noone saw or heard nothing, except for Olivia who heard a noise down by the barn where she was caring for a sick filly. She investigated but saw nothing and assumed it was a coyote. Hank decides it was a burglary gone wrong, since an award and an old gun are missing. JB opens the desk drawer and discovers the notes for the book are also missing. How convenient. Jess gets a private word with Hank and insists that it wasn’t a burglary, but Hank isn’t so sure – plus he’s on the Trevor Hudson Wrote Every Word Of The Book bandwagon so he’s not inclined to hear theories that suggest otherwise.

The next day Jess takes a stroll with Andrew who offers his condolences about Bob. In light of his death, Andrew has a confession to make – his father was so ill that in his last days he couldn’t have signed his own name, let alone written a novel. As he delivers this bombshell Barney pulls up in his car having just ‘returned from Cheyenne’. Cat is beside herself with worry about the thought of a killer roaming around and Barney takes her into the house.

Jess decides to investigate the study but is interrupted by Maria who is full of sorrow about Bob’s death but thinks that the book situation has been resolved. Jessica disagrees, saying that she’s more convinced than ever that Hank is looking in the wrong place for the killer.

“Once of us?” says Maria. “I hardly think so. Murder is a solution to a problem found only in cheap thrillers – like the ones you write.”



“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, a person is capable of anything if the motive is strong enough. Excuse me.” Jess says, drops the mic and departs.

Outside, Jess finds Olivia washing a car and asks her about the business between Bob and Cat, or as it shall be known henceforth, BOBCAT, as the ominous shadow and the noise down by the barn occurred at the same time. Olivia tells her she’s wrong, there was no BOBCAT action the previous night, Barney was home. She saw his car down by an outbuilding.They are then summoned by one of Hank’s minions to come into the house. Hank has made an arrest and wants confirmation that the suspect – Adam Perry – was the man Olivia saw.

Neither JB nor Olivia can confirm it, but Hank doesn’t mind. The missing trophy and gun were found in Perry’s truck, with blood on the butt of the gun. He’s confidant he has caught the killer. As Perry gets escorted into the sheriff’s car JB has followup questions, like where the notes are for the manuscript. Hank tells her Perry probably tossed them – but in the background Dorothy is quietly slipping back inside. SHENANIGANS!

Jess goes inside to find Dorothy and Maria. Maria is displeased that Jess is continuing to investigate the fraud and tells her to leave. Jess promises to pack her things as soon as she’s spoken to someone. Specifically, Barney.

Barney admits to not having been in Cheyenne, and to spying on his wife. He also admits that he knows that Perry was with Cat but refuses to testify to it in court. JB rushes off to find Cat but instead runs into Andrew who tells her Hank just called, and Adam Perry has confessed to the murder. Jess and Andrew rush to the sheriff’s office, Hank is forging a confession and Perry has just been informed he has a visitor. Cat tells Hank that Adam was with her until after the commotion, and so reluctantly Hank lets him go. As he leaves, Cat says to Hank “hurry up so he doesn’t get away.”

What’s that now?

Hank goes outside and fires at Adam, hitting him in the shoulder. Before he can fire again, Andrew and Jess pull up and Andrew pulls a shotgun out, because apparently everyone in this episode is packing except JB.

Well that seems definitive.

But holy crap Sheriff of Death is a genius name for a movie. Get to work, Hollywood.

But holy crap Sheriff of Death is a genius name for a movie. Get to work, Hollywood.

Hank recruited Cat to help him find a fall guy for the murder he committed to protect his buddy Trevor’s legacy and it all went wrong. Imagine that.

Until next time.

Later Fletcherfans!

Later Fletcherfans!




S05E17 – The Sins of Castle Cove


Happy Eurovision Fletcherfans. The final has happened but due to time differences and the fact that I get up at 5am for no song contest I still don’t know who won. (It must have been Sweden. I mean, did you see him? 12 points to anyone who can get me his phone number…I mean, the animations were amazing. Also, I did enjoy Israeli N*Sync this year, they were fun. Still can’t believe Moldova didn’t make it through though. And I hope Guy Sebastian did well, even if I think Tism should have been our entry just to confuse people even more).

But enough about that because we are back in Cabot Cove this week Fletcherfans, where the clients of everyone’s favourite beauty parlour is watching Top of the Morning Book Nook, a book review show featuring an up-and-coming writer from Cabot Cove named Sybil Reed. The interviewer points out Sybil isn’t the only writer to come out of Cabot Cove and Sybil agrees, saying that JB Fletcher was a massive influence on her work.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

JB and Seth reminisce about the Life of Sybil – her mother running away, her father dying unexpectedly (murdered, probably, since it’s Cabot Cove but this is never confirmed), and Sybil living with her grandmother on Hedgehog Lane until her grandmother’s death when Sybil was 17. Seth announces he will go over to the bookstore and see if they have any copies of the book, to which JB says she would be grateful, not that she’s in a rush to read it or anything. LOL, J/K she needs it now, she’s so excited for her former pupil nawww.

The whole town is down at the bookshop, wanting to get their hands on the book. In the queue, the ladies from the beauty parlour all compare notes as to how they helped Sybil when her grandmother died, except Phyllis who points out that Sybil’s mother was the first girl to put gym socks down her bra in junior high and Ideal remembers slapping Sybil’s father’s face but for reasons long forgotten. Seth proceeds to the front of the queue by announcing his presence and bumps into the Sheriff, who is buying a copy of the book for his wife, banged up after dropping a person on her foot during her self-defence class. The bookshop owner, Ellis Hillgate greets Phyllis, Ideal and Eve but saves a special hello for Miriam who is not as excited.

Shot down.

Shot down.

Recovering, Ellis greets Seth as Doctor Valiant, to which Seth gets uppity saying “You know perfectly well my name is Hazlitt.”

“Not in my book.” Ellis dangles it in front of Seth’s face and he snatches it. Ellis informs him the book is $18.95, at which Seth is scandalized, saying he can remember a time when you could get a whole set of encyclopedias for $15 and still have change for a seafood dinner and a picture show.  He tells Ellis he will deduct the amount off his next doctor’s bill, to which Ellis says “Page 14.”

While eager patrons flip pages to the page in question, Seth beats a hasty retreat back to Jessica’s house, where she investigates the book and discovers that Castle Cove’s Doctor Valiant is a cross between a leprechaun and a curmudgeon.

Hipster JB is possibly my new favourite JB

Hipster JB is possibly my new favourite JB

Jess tells him to take a chill pill but Seth tells her he’s not the only resident in the book – a lot of people are going to get their noses bent out of shape and for the record JB might take special notice of the fictitious English teacher by the name of Mrs K C Feather – “that should stiffen your syllabus for quite some time.”

Not amused

Stiffen your syllabus? Really Seth?

Later that evening, JB’s syllabus has definitely stiffened.

Syllabus is code for tea right?

Syllabus is code for tea right?

JB gets a visit from Eve Simpson, who has apparently just had the worst experience of her life. She notices JB’s copy of the book and says she knows JB will be just as disgusted, appalled and horrified as she was that such filth was allowed to be printed.

Does anyone else really want to read this book?

Does anyone else really want to read this book?

JB is confused – Eve has always been all about free speech. She still is, but not in relation to the fictional Castle Cove man crazed real estate agent that goes after every husband in town that is clearly nothing but a slanderous lie. “Surely it isn’t based on you.” Says JB.

It isn’t. Except for the descriptions of the house, the office, the car “and the mole on my fanny which is on the wrong side!”

Eve clearly isn't from Australia, where that sentence means something else entirely.

Eve clearly isn’t from Australia, where that sentence means something else entirely.

JB tells Eve to calm down, but Eve says once JB has discovered KC Feather, then they will talk. Meanwhile across town, Noah Harwood has just arrived home from a hard day’s whatevering to find his neighbour sniggering on the nature strip and asking Noah if he’d read any good books lately. Noah tells his wife Miriam that he thinks George has too many worms in his bait can. Miriam, who has just hidden the book in the fridge to stop Noah finding it, panics when he goes to get a beer but dissuades him from reading the book by saying “you wouldn’t like it, a woman wrote it.”

Nicely done Miriam. The national treasure Noah smacks her on the butt and goes off to wait for his dinner. Later that night JB is dragged out of bed by a knock at the door – it’s Sybil, needing a place to crash while the chaos of the book tour settles down. JB tries to palm her off but Sybil makes herself at home in about 3o seconds. “It’s good to be home in Castle Cove,” she says.

Glad to see fame hasn't gone to Sybil's head.

Glad to see fame hasn’t gone to Sybil’s head.

Meanwhile across town, someone has just broken into the bookstore, taken all the copies of The Sins of Castle Cove and set them on fire. Everyone’s a critic.

The next morning JB finds Seth auditioning to be a part of Beyonce’s dance crew.

This is my favourite screencap of all time #nailed it

This is my favourite screencap of all time #nailed it

Seth asks JB what brings her out on such a fine morning and she tells him an unexpected house guest arrived, and the cupboard was bare. Seth asks her if it just might be a budding young novelist off the Portland bus – he heard about it at the diner that morning from the taxi driver. JB confirms it but admits that’s not the only reason why she’s out of the house early – she read the book. They find Ellis the bookstore owner out the front of his shop, outraged at the damage that had been done. Sheriff Metzger informs Seth and JB that a fisherman spotted the fire as he was coming in on the boat – someone torched all the copies of the book and left a cut out note saying stop selling the book or all will  burn. “Wonder why they don’t like this book?” Mort wonders.

She is just the best.

She is just the best.

Back at home JB get a phone call but it’s for Sybil – it’s her friend Corinne, who happens to be the manicurist at the beauty parlour. She gives Sybil an update on the fallout from her book – everyone is going nuts about it. She is called away by Loretta the owner, who has Eve waiting for a manicure. Loretta is unbothered by the book, but Miriam is worried. There’s a little plotline about an unfaithful wife and a scumbag husband that’s a little too close to home if you get my drift, but they tell her not to worry. As soon as she’s gone Eve confirms Miriam had a little fling with the butcher, but refuses to confirm she did too – all she will say is that the butcher’s mother is something else.

Across town,  said butcher has just received a visit from a very drunk Noah looking for his wife. He threatens a smackdown but Mulligan the butcher holds him off. JB intervenes before a very cross woman arrives ordering Noah home and lock up his wife and JB to back away from her pure and innocent boy (who’s probably 37). Later that night, Mort is called to a crime scene at Miriam and Noah’s house – Miriam has been murdered. Mort orders Deputy Floyd to get the state police in and to dust the house for prints, but Floyd says there’s no need – he knows who the kill is, it’s in the book.

Meanwhile JB is trying to have a heart to heart with Sybil when she gets a phone call from Seth, cancelling their antiquing day trip, on account of he’s been called in about the murder. Deputy Floyd arrives at the house to take JB down to the station, because Mort is stressed out. Books written about murders before they happen is just not the sort of business he signed up for. Jess points out it’s not entirely the same – in the book Miriam was killed by a lamp not a frying pan – but Mort doesn’t care. Floyd found Noah passed out drunk in his truck and brought him in to sober up but Mort is worried that once Noah is sober, Mort will be letting a killer go, since the book isn’t the greatest evidence. JB asks what other evidence he has and he tells her the only place that didn’t have Noah’s or Miriam’s fingerprints was on the frying pan – it had been wiped clean. Jess says that makes no sense – they would expect Noah’s prints on the frying pan it was pointless him wiping them off. Jess remembers the same thing happens in the Sins of Castle Cove, saying it made no sense in that either. Mort begs her to keep it quiet until he can sort the mess out.

Over in the beauty salon, Corinne is under instruction from Sybil to find out why Jessica went off in a cop car. Ugh, you guys Sybil is kind of the worst. The ladies put their heads together and work out something must have happened to Miriam, but get distracted when Corinne accidentally lets slip that Sybil is in town. Eve marches right over to JB’s house, where Mort is interrogating Sybil about how she knows what she knows. Eve storms in and says Miriam’s death was her fault, and that Miriam had been about to dump Tim the butcher but never got the chance.

Or did she? Mort and JB visit Tim at home, where he denies killing Miriam, but Floyd finds a black mask and a baseball bat in the basement. That’s enough for Mort, so despite JB’s scepticism he arrests Tim.

Down at the Sheriff’s office Mort gets Ellis to sign a complaint so he can hold Tim while they build a case. Tim’s mother arrives with fifty bucks to bail Tim out, but a little sleuthing on Jess’s part reveals the truth – Rose Mulligan was the book burner, in an effort to stop people finding out about her son and Miriam. “Who’d want to buy sausages from a man who played around with married women?” Asks Rose, sadly.



Mort is displeased that he now has to book a senior citizen on a bunch of felony charges but Jess thinks she can smooth it over with Ellis. Mort asks Floyd to get Noah out of the drunk tank but Floyd, in a remarkable display of initiative, has already let Noah go on account of having Tim under arrest and all.

Down at the bookstore Ellis is in a charitable mood, and agrees to drop the charges as long as Tim agrees to pay for the damage. Ellis is sad about Miriam though – according to him they used to drink herbal tea and discuss books when it was quiet in the store. Ironic, he thinks, that she was killed in the kitchen like in the book.

Later that night JB and Seth are having a catchup discussing the case, and while Sybil spouts off her theory about the real killer (Eve Simpson, obvs), Jessica suddenly realises she’s known all along.

Depressing plot twist anyone?

Depressing plot twist anyone?

Ah yes. Ellis was just desperate to be loved, and when Miriam wouldn’t love him, the frying pan happened. Man, that got dark quickly.

But now, I must away. The Eurovision final awaits!

Later gang!

Later gang!

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