Hey there Fletcherfans!

Yup, still here – currently in week..4? 90?…of isolation, and I know I’m not supposed to enjoy it but honestly I’m locked up with a cat and three bookshelves full of books and four streaming services and I can get PLANTS DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE what sorcery is this.

I haven’t checked in on this for awhile, but I’m so delighted that people are still visiting the blog and escaping the global madness through reading through my madness instead. It honestly means the absolute world to me!

For those of you wondering what series I’m going to ruin/improve next – yeah, me too. Commitment issues are a real thing, you guys.

In the meantime, I’ve started an actual blog – heybriony.com. I’ve no idea what it will be, so please send me suggestions on things for me to write about!

I hope you’re all keeping sane, and following the life lessons of JB Fletcher at all times!

Take care,