Ghosts! Traysure! Our Heroine stuck in a dungeon! Fletcherfans this second half has a lot to live up to so let’s get to it before I start googling pictures of Olivia Coleman holding her Oscar again.

After conducting a thorough search of the dungeon and finding only some writing scratched on a wall, Jess takes time out to maintain her energy.

Life Lesson #77 – Always carry caramels in your handbag for when a ghost has trapped you in an Irish dungeon.

Also, you can melt them down and pour it over brownies and then put more brownie batter on top and make caramel stuffed brownies and you’re welcome.

Meanwhile, over at Nan’s father’s store, Dr Sullivan has broken in to hunt through Nan’s things. He takes off when Jack hears him.

The next day Eileen and Rory are getting more and more concerned about the lack of Jessica in their lives. Rory’s rung around the hotels in Dublin but none are currently holding Jess. Eileen decides to try her publisher while Rory heads to the Guarda station. On his way out he bumps into Mrs Nader and Paul Lafferty, who are keen to get the hotel building situation happening quick. Apparently, Vincent’s murder doesn’t change anything.

After a rough night sleeping on a tomb, JB orders the rats to stay away from her breakfast (more caramel) and gets to work saving herself. She up-ends her handbag (contents of which include a tissue, a purse, a day planner, some sort of compact and a nail file), and gets to work prising a metal ring out of the rock using the nail file.

Down at the Guarda station, Rory bumps into Superintendent Joyce and Matthew Ryan, who tell him that Jessica definitely didn’t leave in a cab like Zuleika said she did, but she totes could have left on the bus. They’ve also found the weapon that killed Vincent Nader but Rory isn’t terribly bothered about all that. Afterwards, Joyce tells Matthew that his fling with Zuleika was no one’s business.

In the dungeon, JB gets the metal ring out of the stone and has a crack at throwing it through the window. She misses.

Rory heads back to the castle, where Eileen informs him that JB’s publisher didn’t even know she was in Ireland, much less have an appointment. Rory gets a phone call from his mystery informant about the money laundering and arranges to meet him the next day. He’s perplexed by the informant saying it’s getting too late but has bigger fish to fry. He sends Moira off to find Ian and he and Eileen start searching the grounds.

After three attempts, JB manages to smash the glass in the window. Unfortunately, no one hears her yelling but luckily for her Rory is on his game, spots the broken glass and realises she’s in the old wing. They rush to get her out, and Jess tells them she is convinced that Nan was murdered.

Arthur Joyce is unsurprisingly hesitant to cast aspersions on Zuleika and insists it might be possible JB was trapped by accident. JB isn’t having a bar of it, but Rory tells her to calm down Joyce is probably a good cop. A call comes from Jack Conroy to say that JB’s pottery has arrived, and so she heads over to collect it – taking with her the piece of treasure that Nan had given Moira.

Out in the gardens Ian is fighting with Deidre over the future of the castle when Matthew Ryan pops in to say that his sister is in labour and there are all sorts of problems and they can’t find the doctor Deidre is the only person who can save her. Back at the Guarda station, the recently widowed Mrs Nader tells Peter Franklin that her new BFF and Hans Gruber impersonator Paul Lafferty will get him the best attorney there is but there’s nothing more to say. Meanwhile, Lafferty has just discovered his foolproof financing plan was not so foolproof, and he’s not the only one who knows. Dr Sullivan will keep his mouth shut – for a price.

JB speaks to Jack Conroy about the night he found Nan’s body and he tells her he’d heard the rumours so he went for a walk in the woods that Sunday night and followed Nan’s ghost. He’s heard Sullivan’s stories of the Cromwell treasure selling at auction but he doesn’t want anything to do with any of it. JB relays this back to Rory, who thinks this might help with his money laundering investigation.

Later that night Dr Sullivan plays his card and offers to take the castle off Eileen after a 1-year lease but Eileen wants to see some paperwork, while Ian eavesdrops. JB gifts Nan’s painting to the castle. Rory gets off the phone and announces someone by the name of Rafaella Sabatini has been the one auctioning off the items and JB recalls Zuleika’s novel, in which David Hasselhoff and Mel Gibson cross swords over the busty heroine Rafaella.

Nope still not good. But Rory thinks she has a point and wants to have a word with Dr Sullivan – except he’s just slunk out into the storm. Ian notices this and follows him, demanding what Sullivan is plotting. By the time JB and Rory catch up, Sullivan is dead on the ground, a pitchfork sticking out of him. Rory hears someone moving about and goes after them, only to receive a whack to the head for his trouble. JB asks Dr Sullivan who did it and he says something like “choice…treasures…are there” before he shuffles off.

Superintendent Joyce takes statements but he’s mystified and sends them all to bed. JB is convinced the same killer killed all three people. Deidre returns home from a 20 hour delivery and has a victory pash with Officer Ryan. The next day Peter Franklin is released after Joyce gets some troubling results back. They head up to the castle and arrest Ian, who denies everything. Rory and Deidre discuss the situation down the pub, and Diedre is delighted with the idea that Rory would chuck his career away to save Ian and make Eileen happy but she doesn’t know where he was at the time of the murder.

JB takes Moira down to look at the Gaelic graffiti she found. She’s sure Nan wrote it before she died, and Moira tells her it is “chloisteáil mo ghlór” which translates to “hear my voice”. JB wonders whether she was referring to a recording or a tape, and this gives Moira an idea. Fun fact, Pog Mo Thoin allegedly means kiss my arse in Gaelic.

Rory has a chat with Ian who is as usual full of bluster but swears he didn’t kill anyone. A phone call comes for Rory from his money laundering spy asking to meet that night. Back at the castle, Moira finds a tape called ‘Hear My Voice’ which is Nan speaking in Gaelic about things and a Mr Buttons and dirty digits. Leonard the head chef casually eavesdrops.

It really is though.

JB calls Rory at the pub to tell him THE TRAYSURE IS REAL AND THERE’S A MURDERER CALLED MR BUTTONS AND OR DIRTY DIGITS but Rory hasn’t got time for that right now. JB finds Peter Franklin back from Dublin and he tells her he couldn’t find the guy who set him up – also he’d totally gotten it wrong the pub was in Grafton Street, not Harcourt Street.

As usual, JB is all over it.

Rory goes to meet his money laundering spy and finds him lying under a tree bleeding out – it’s Leonard the chef. Meanwhile, JB lays out a Daring Plan to catch the killer and find the treasure in one hit.

That old chestnut.

Because you guys. Dr Sullivan muttered “Arthur Joyce…treasures”, and Arthur knew where Peter had been set up before Peter did. Joyce wanted all the money for himself so he killed anyone who stood in his way.

Another job well done. And now Eileen is off on a dirty weekend with Rory, Zuleika is under arrest in Malaga in Spain and JB had an idea for a new story in which the only treasure will be the words she uses which she will find in her head.

I think JB was well into the whisky at this point. Which isn’t a bad idea, come to that.

Later Fletcherfans!