Spoiler alert: this isn’t about pie. I genuinely thought this was going to be some sort of baking relating murder.

Another spoiler alert: I’m hungry.

We’re in Paris this week Fletcherfans, where a man holds a woman as she dies after a fire in a building, and JB is in town to promote her newest book but also to do a circuit of the runway shows, especially ones featuring her model friend Carrie Quin. Jessica calls her to let her know she’s arrived, and Carrie tells her she will see her later along with her new boyfriend Edmond Faragere – she’s in the middle of fittings for the show, and the No Capes lady from the Incredibles is pinning her aggressively.

In my defence, I’ve only seen Incredibles once, but it clearly left an impression.

The business manager of the fashion house Carrie is modelling for, Paul Vaughan, wanders in and tells Carrie and Denise that the dress is out, they can’t mass-produce it. Denise and Carrie both tell him Thea (head designer and wife of Paul) put it back in and Paul says he’ll see about that if he can ever find his wife. He calls her and at last gets through. Thea apologises, she’s been in the Louvre all afternoon and her phone was off. She’ll head back to the office now.

LOL, j/k, she’s banging Carrie’s boyfriend Edmund.

Ugh to both of them

Edmund wants Thea to leave Paul and go into business with him, but Thea isn’t agreeing to anything until she sees evidence of financing (smart). He gives her a ruby to seal the deal, and she says it’s all pretty and all but she wants paperwork.  She leaves and Edmund gets on the phone to someone to convert some things to cash for New York.

That night, JB and her publicist Dan Morgan head to a cocktail party and sign in just after the man from the fire at the start of the show. Jess bumps into old friend Claude Faragere who isn’t showing this year, and is facing competition from his stepson Edmund. They see Edmund talking to Carrie and Claude tells JB to warn Carrie, his stepson is bad news.

Thea and Paul arrive, bickering. Paul knows Thea wasn’t at the Louvre and wonders who it is this time. Thea storms off and Claude wanders over to ask Paul for a meeting, he has a business proposal for him and Thea. Paul wanders off and Edmund pops up to ask his grandfather why he was talking to Paul.

Carrie defends Edmund to JB and politely freezes out her ex-boyfriend Rick who is in town to take photos of JB free-ranging on the farshun. It is revealed that Denise had a fling with Edmund back in the day. Edmund rolls up to make everything awkward.

Get your life together Carrie

The guy from the fire takes this opportunity to pull a gun on Edmund (I mean, fair) so Jess throws her glass of champagne at him (NOOOOOOOOOOOO) and the man struggles with Edmund and then runs away. As he rushes, the gun goes off and he drops it.

The police are called and Jessica tells Inspector Marc Gautier that the man didn’t know how to tie a bow tie and didn’t really seem comfortable in the formal clothes he was wearing.

I know it wasn’t meant to be, but damn it sounded snobby

Edmund has no idea why the man wanted to kill him but agrees to come downtown and make a statement. Rick tells Edmund there’ll be a world of pain if he hurts Carrie and Edmund basically ignores him. Carrie tells Rick to leave her alone, he was the one who went to Milan for two months, let her be.

Jess heads back to her hotel room but finds the shooter, whose name is Huan Kim, there waiting for her. He’s freaking out, he never meant for any of this to happen he’s insane with grief. Jess urges him to go to the police, but he tells her he can’t and bails when a knock at the door signals the arrival of Jess’s galley copies.

The next day Claude has his meeting with Paul and Thea to suggest a merger, but Thea won’t agree to it – Edmund has offered her a much better deal and she plans to take it. Jess gets a visit from the inspector, who tells her they’ve identified the shooter, he was an employee at the sweatshop that burned down. Jess thinks she might know what this is about. Claude goes to try to buy his stepson off, but he won’t budge.

Jess rolls down to Paul and Thea’s fashion house, where they are rehearsing the catwalk and having Serious Discussions About Farshun.

My idea of farshun is wearing matching socks, I am thunderously unqualified to have an opinion about this.

Denise has a solution to the boring dress problem and Paul is delighted, it will sell thousands. Thea doesn’t give a rats though and walks off. Denise calls Edmund and tells him everything will go ahead as arranged. Carrie hands over the dress and Denise tells her she’ll call when it’s ready. Carrie has big plans for her afternoon off.

Thea and Edmund toast their imminent partnership and I start googling flights to Paris. Carrie arrives outside Edmund’s apartment just in time to see him kissing Thea as he puts her into a taxi. Edmund goes back inside, makes a quick phone call to his buyer, gets his bag of rubies and emeralds and goes down to his car where he is promptly shot dead.

Inspector Gautier is on the case and summons Claude, who admits he didn’t get on with his stepson but did not kill him. He was home alone at the time of the shooting. Gautier says he’s just looking for facts, not suspects. Or something. Man, I want to go to Paris. Monet’s Garden! Shakespeare and Company! ALL THE HAM AND CHEESE BAGUETTES OH GOD I’M HUNGRY!

Gautier visits Carrie at the fashion house and catches her lying about when she last saw Edmund, but she swears she didn’t kill him either. Gautier confiscates her passport and tells her not to leave Paris. Carrie goes straight to JB’s for tea and sympathy, which Jess provides in abundance. Carrie doesn’t know how she can continue with the show, but Jess tells her that for grief work is the best medicine (Life Lesson #76). 

Thea meets with Claude, to discuss his business proposal. He says he’s surprised she’s not in mourning but she tells him what was between her and Edmund was business. He tells her that he’s not going to consider the proposal unless it’s both her and Paul. Carrie heads down to the studio to try on the dress Denise has been working on and runs into Rick, who gives his condolences even though he hated Edmund. Carrie hints she thinks Rick did it but Rick swears not. While she’s changing Claude wanders in to offer Denise his condolences and to offer her a job, but Denise isn’t having a bar of it.

Jess is kicking back with her galleys when she gets a phone call from Huan, freaking out that the police think he killed Edmund. Jessica agrees to meet him on the condition that he turn himself in afterwards. Paul tells Thea he’s done with her, he’s joining Claude’s business and she can go straight to hell.

JB meets Huan at the burnt out sweatshop and admits that his wife was killed in the fire. He is planning to kill himself but wants Jessica to tell his story, about how they were locked in with no way to escape the fire. Inspector Gautier arrives with the news that the gun used to kill Edmund was the same gun that Huan had when he tried to kill Edmund. His best guess is that Huan killed Edmund and stole the jewels. Apparently, Edmund was smuggling people and jewels from Asia and into France and New York. Huan knows nothing about any of it and swears he didn’t kill Edmund, and JB believes him.

That night at the farshun show Jessica has a sudden realisation about where the jewels are and who killed Edmund.  (There’s a whole lot of farshun guys)

After the show, she confirms her suspicions were correct.


Denise was Edmund’s sidekick in the jewel smuggling game and got sick of it so she killed him. She took the jewels and was going to sell them in New York and try to enjoy life again.

“But weren’t you happy Denise?” Asks Paul.

“I suppose I was,” Denise says.

Nailed another one

Until next week, which I suspect is going to be a big one…

Later gang!