Back to NYC this week Fletcherfans, where JB is meeting with her editor Edward Graham to discuss final changes on her new book. Edward, it turns out, has a bit going on at home – he’s being haunted by his dead wife. That old story. Also, he has a niece he didn’t know about, the daughter of a half-brother who died of a long lingering illness, but only just discovered after she wrote him a letter when his wife died.

Jess is nervous when his assistant tells her Edward made all of his notes the previous day but Edward announces he loves everything she did with the first round of changes and that he wouldn’t change another thing. To prove his point he throws a softball at Jessica’s head.

Sidenote, that colour is amazing

And with that, the meeting is over almost before it even begins and JB heads off to the library for a bit before meeting Carrie Benton that afternoon.

Carrie Benton, the newly promoted head of children’s books is chowing down on doughnuts with Steve DiNapoli when Edward storms in. Steve tells him it’s not what it looks like, he’s not trying to fatten up Edward’s girlfriend. Carrie thinks it’s hilarious but Edward informs them he’s seen funnier losers on Starsearch.

It’s raining zingers

Steve politely excuses himself and heads to the park to practice before the company softball game. Carrie wants to know why Edward is behaving this way and he freaks out and says he’d better go speak to his therapist about it then obviously.

Edward goes to visit his psychiatrist on the set of The Mask and doesn’t really get very far.

The psychiatrist is being played by Dennis Boutsikaris, a guy who has been in every TV show in the last ever.

Back at the office Jessica is grateful and horrified at the fact-checking Carrie did for her new book, but all Carrie wants to do is talk about Edwards late wife.  Jess explains that she introduced the two and wonders why Carrie is interested. Carrie explains to Jess that she and Edward are dating but that Edward has never taken her to the house in Connecticut. Jess explains that Edward stayed with his wife in the house until she died and never took any time off afterwards.

They are soon joined by company controller Leonard Ambler, who is looking for Edward. Carrie explains that he moved his regular late afternoon doctor’s appointment to be earlier because of the softball game and speaking of which she needs to get ready for that and would Jessica like to come down and watch.

Me when people ask if I watch the Bachelor

As Jess is getting ready to leave she runs into Edward’s niece Laurie, who asks Jess if she’s noticed anything different about Edward. Jess decides maybe today is a good day to die watch softball and joins them in LA’s approximate equivalent of Central Park.

While the game happens, Laurie explains to Jess that her uncle has been hearing the voice of his late wife Beth. Then some more softball happens.

This is me when my Mum informed me that I played softball for a year in high school. I have no memory of this (presumably because of my years of competitive drinking) but can only assume I was terrible because I can’t throw, catch, run or hit a ball. How this even came to happen I have no idea.

Steve Napoli gets caught at third base or something, Edward screams abuse at the ref and then fires  Steve for agreeing with the ref.

Things go from bad to worse. JB is summoned to Edwards office the next day where he informs her the new book is terrible and he is suspending publication until she can make it better.

I know this feeling well too.

Jess calmly leaves the office, while Edward hurls her manuscript at the wall.

Meanwhile in Carrie’s office Steve has dropped by before collecting his things and complain, which is probably valid. Leonard wanders in to say that termination papers haven’t been filed, but if Edward doesn’t want him around there’s not much to be done. Edward has more clout with the CEO Ted Hartley than anyone he knows.

Obviously Leonard has no idea what he’s talking about because Ted Hartley has heard about Jess and Edward’s exchange and has gone straight to her apartment to beg her not to leave. Not for nothing but Jess has a bit of a time with her publishers either dying or being arrested for murder. He is horrified when he hears the reason for Jess leaving and can’t understand it, he loves Jessica’s new book. Jess tells him she thinks Edward might be manic depressive, and Ted tells her Edward is seeing a shrink he’s never heard of.

Everything about this is screaming 1993, I like it.

Later than night Edward is at his desk writing an apology letter to JB. He was right the first time. (Damn straight). Exhausted, he falls asleep at his desk only to be woken by a phone call from his dead wife begging him to commit suicide. He gets up from his desk and walks to the elevator, ignoring the security guard who tells him that Ted and everyone else on the top floor has gone home for the day.

Edward goes up to the roof and stands on the edge, looking confused. A shadowy figure emerges and shoves him over the edge.

Everyone is summoned to the office the next day where Lieutenant Nick Acosta (previously seen here as Acosta, here as someone else and as headless Kawalsky in Stargate) informs them of the sad news and to see what they know of the sorry tale. Jess explains her run-in with him the previous day, and Carrie tells them that Edward had called her to make dinner plans, but when she arrived at the restaurant the maitre’d told her that Edward called to say he’d be late. He’d arranged to have her favourite flowers and wine waiting for her. Jess thinks that this doesn’t seem like the behaviour of a man about to end his life but Lieutenant Acosta says the security guard saw him go up to the roof alone. He lets everyone leave but asks JB to stay – they found Edward’s note addressed to her. Jess tells him it’s just a memo but Acosta warns her to stay out of the case anyway.

Back at home JB meets with Edward’s lawyer Henry Filbert, who comes round to discuss JB’s duties as executor. The insurance company will take care of the life insurance policy, JB just has to notify the beneficiaries. Apart from a sister in Pittsburgh everyone else is in NYC and JB decides to tell them in person what they were left in the will.

First up is the long lost niece Laurie, who is sad. It happened so quick, it was like losing her father all over again, she tells Jess. Edward left her his stereo and CD collection, and she seems pleased.

Next is Dr Santana, the psychiatrist who is delighted when JB hands him his bequest – a pocket watch. Jessica is interested in what Edward was seeing Santana for, but the doc ain’t talking, suffice to say he wasn’t concerned about Edward telling him he was hearing the voice of his late wife. Jess notices the piles of herbs and the blender, and Santana offers a sample but she declines. She asks him how Edward came to be a patient of his and he says he was referred by someone else at the publishing office, Stephen DiNapoli.

Jess is intrigued and goes to tell Stephen of his inheritance – all of Edwards books. He’s amazed, and has no idea where he’s going to put them all (amen to that my friend). Jess asks him about the referral and he tells her that he was seeing Dr Santana to quit smoking – it was all weird herbs and post hypnotic suggestion and he quit smoking just so he could stop going. Carrie walks in to show off her newest project and JB tells her what she’s inherited from Edward – the house in Connecticut.

And you get a house! And you get a house! And you get a house!

Up at the fancy house Jess is on the hunt for clues. She finds Laurie’s letter to Edward and declares it to be sweet. The power goes out, but they continue on to the kitchen where Jessica finds the herbs she was looking for. She starts to gather samples to give to Lieutenant Acosta when they hear footsteps upstairs. Jess tells Carrie to call 911 but the phone is dead. A shadowy figure comes down the stairs, hears Carrie and Jessica and takes off back up them. He goes out onto the balcony, climbs down and then gets into a car. Jess and Carrie hear the tyres spin and relax. Carrie is done and wants to see her new house on a sunny afternoon but JB wants to know what was so interesting upstairs. They go into Edwards bedroom, follow a wood putty trail of breadcrumbs to a hole drilled in the bedhead and a piece of copper wire down the back of the mattress.

The phone rings – it’s Lieutenant Acosta looking for JB. She tells him what they’ve found and that she’s almost certain they have Dr Santana dead to rights. Acosta tells her that’s an interesting choice of words – Santana has just turned up dead, bludgeoned to death in his apartment.


A suspicious JB heads over to Santana’s office where she meets Mel the super/janitor/whoever he is. A bit of fast talking about paint colours and her ten cup coffee pot gets her into Santana’s office, where she calls Nick Acosta. Lucky for her he’s already there and has come to the same conclusion she has – the Doc was drugging Edward and causing his mania. They have no idea who killed Santana though, so JB takes a look at Santana’s computer files and sees a familiar name. Acosta, flicking through a book, says at least they both went quick and Jessica informs him that they now have everything they need to catch the killer and his sidekicks.

Knew it. Always be suspicious of sweet people. (Just kidding, that’s terrible advice)

Laurie, it turns out was not Edward’s niece but an actress hired to pretend to be Edward’s dead wife. She tells them she had nothing to do with any murders, which JB kind of agrees with, her partner saw to that side.

Plot twist! Did not see this coming, I’ll be honest.

The three of them came together when Leonard saw how much Edward’s insurance policy was worth, and so a plan was born.

Speaking of inheritances though, during the two months of shenanigans and no blog my grandfather passed away (he would have been 96 this week), and my inheritance from him…well…

Everyone’s a critic…


Later gang!