First of all, Happy Towel Day to all my hoopy froods. I hope you all know where your towel is, and more importantly aren’t panicking.

This week JB is off to visit her niece Carrie Palmer and her husband Leonard to celebrate their three year wedding anniversary, only Carrie has wandered off to take care of her aunt Edna in Ithaca and Leonard has been so busy hunting comets at the Observatory that he completely messed up the date of his anniversary. Oh dear. To make matters worse, Leonard has been forced into attending a shindig hosted by his boss Russell Armstrong, who is trying to suck up to all the political bigwigs in order to land some new defence contracts.

Before the party Leonard takes Jess on a tour of the observatory and Jess is delighted to see a computer. Leonard’s assistant Fay Hewitt is delighted to meet JB but wants to talk to Leonard about some new calculations for the telescope. Leonard asks her if she’s heard from Carrie but there’s been no call.

JB smells something fishy.

Note to self: time to watch Independence Day again.

Note to self: time to watch Independence Day again.

Later, when JB and Leonard arrive at the party Leonard’s boss Russell Armstrong pounces on them and orders Leonard to go sweet-talk some NASA guy. In this episode, Leonard’s boss will be played by Dr Phil, who will be played by George Bluth.

Disclaimer: I've only seen the first episode of Arrested Development. I know, I know.

Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the first episode of Arrested Development. I know, I know.

Left to her own devices, JB makes a beeline to the greatest place known to mankind – the free bar.



At the bar she meets Drake Eaton, administrative assistant to Madeline DeHaven, a political bigwig and part-time stuck up cow who is one of the people Russell is trying to court. As they wander off, Fay comes over to Jess to ask how she’s enjoying the carnival.

JB’s response is appropriate.



After Leonard and Russell have another run-in, Leonard bails on the whole party and takes Jess back to the observatory, followed closely by Fay, who makes Leonard a cup of coffee which he promptly spills over some paperwork. He sends her off to soothe Russell, and JB excuses herself for the evening. Back at the hotel she gets a phone call from her niece Carrie who is running errands for Aunt Edna. JB tells Carrie that she saw Edna the day before, and Edna was on her way out to go bowling. She knows Carrie isn’t at Edna’s. Carrie apologises that she wasn’t there to meet Jess and tells her to tell Leonard that she loves him, before hanging up the phone.

Melodramatic much? Meanwhile back at the observatory the night guard has just seen Leonard run down the stairs and out the door. DRAMA DRAMA. The next morning Fay summons Russell to the observatory when she discovers Leonard is missing. Russell finds the telescope pointing at his house, and a dead body on the floor. Awkward.

The 5-0 appear, in the form of Sergeant Kettler who asks Russell why he’s not living in his house at the moment. Russell tells him he’s been letting a friend stay there. When Kettler pulls the blanket back to reveal the body Russell is relieved. Whomever his friend was it clearly wasn’t Drake Eaton. JB’s questions about the body are cut short firstly by Kettler, who tells her that his wife is also a writer, and secondly by the phone when Fay calls Russell to see what’s happened. Russell tells her the victim was Drake Eaton and she’s audibly relieved. This Drake bloke has NO friends. Russell tells Faye that he was murdered and to let Madeline DeHaven know. Meanwhile Kettler wants to know what kind of books JB writes – gardening tips? Cook book?

She has more patience than me.

She has more patience than me.

They are interrupted with the unexpected arrival of Carrie, JB’s niece who as it turns out is the person Russell had been lending his house to. Huh.

Down at the police station Carrie tells them she knows nothing. She went for a drive up into the mountains and fell asleep in her car. Kettler is suspicious but lets Carrie go. As they arrive at the hotel they run into Leonard who is surprised to see Carrie. She confesses that she wasn’t staying with Aunt Edna and Leonard tells her that everything will be fine. Ever the pragmatist, JB points out the small matter of Drake Eaton’s demise which comes as a surprise to Leonard. JB tells him that the police are at the observatory looking for him but they are interrupted by Madeline DeHaven who informs them that whomever shot Drake will be sorry. JB tells Carrie to rest in JB’s room while Leonard and JB go and have a talk with Kettler at the observatory.

JB explains to Kettler that Leonard was on the hunt for a comet, to which Kettler replies he didn’t know a comet was missing. BOOM. He manages to wangle out of Leonard that he owns a gun, even if the gun has been locked away somewhere in his house for months. JB points out that Leonard didn’t even know that Carrie was staying at Russell’s house and Faye tells the sergeant that there was no way Leonard could have been looking at the house, the computer had locked the telescope in the opposite direction, and she has the printout to prove it.

Back at the hotel Carrie and Leonard are tearfully getting over things, when JB demands answers. Carrie confesses that she and Drake used to be a thing back in the day, and that she invited Drake over because she’d been so lonely, what with Leonard comet-hunting. It all went south when Drake turned up drunk and tried to have his way with her, so she fought him off and drove up into the mountains to get away. Leonard accepts this and tells them that they will never speak of it again to anyone, despite JB’s protests. Ugh, these two.

JB goes back to see Kettler but he has other things on his mind. Specifically a business opportunity. He and his wife thought it would be a good idea to give their writeups of Kettler’s cases to JB to finish up and give to her publisher. They’d split the profits 50-50. JB smiles widely and agrees that the Drake Eaton murder would make a great pot-boiler, but that she’d need access to all the notes. Kettler nods. It’s a deal.

Back at the hotel Jess runs into Madeline, who is late for a meeting but not late enough that she can’t inform Jess that even though they had adjoining rooms Drake was only an employee, that Madeline wasn’t the only person in town who knew Jake, and that it was obvious that Leonard did it. They found his scarf with his blood on it at the scene and all.  And with that, she flounces off, just as Faye arrives to inform JB that Russell has just fired Leonard. JB goes to see him but Russell is unapologetic. JB wants to know whom else might have known Carrie was staying at his house and he tells her noone, at least not from him, and that his phone number is unlisted so it’s unlikely that anyone could have found her by calling the house. He throws her out of his office but then calls her back. Kettler is on the phone looking for her.

Kettler, Leonard and Carrie are waiting for her at Russell’s house. Kettler has a plan to demonstrate an expert interrogator at work. First he shows Leonard the gun, which Leonard has no opinion about. Then he produces Leonard’s scarf with Drake’s blood on it, and Leonard tells him that it isn’t Drake’s blood, it’s his.

Aha! Kettler says. Bloodied from a fight, no doubt!

Carrie pipes up to tell him that she took the gun from the house and she pulled it on Drake when he attacked her. Kettler then accuses her of being the killer, at which point Leonard loses it and tells him he killed Drake.

Not buying it. Neither is JB, and neither, as it turns out, is Kettler, who tells JB down at the station that he knows Leonard is covering for his wife.  Back at the hotel Carrie swears she didn’t kill Drake, and she has no idea why the telescope swung around to zoom in on Russell’s house and revealing her and Drake to Leonard. But Jessica knows. It was a plot devised by someone who was a bit in love with Leonard.

But Faye isn’t the killer. Huh. She set it all up, so that Leonard would know what his wife was up to.   JB tells her that Leonard heard a female voice before he entered Russell’s place but Faye was in bed. She feels terrible, she didn’t think Leonard would shoot Drake.

Well, if it wasn’t Carrie and it wasn’t Faye, there’s only one other female character in the episode. Cunning deduction by me!

SURPRISE! Not really,

SURPRISE! Not really.

Well that was kind of predictable. Madeline couldn’t handle Drake looking at another woman, followed him, and shot him.

Case closed, JB decides to get the hell out of town before Kettler decides to followup on his idea about ‘collaborating’, leaving The Case of the Missing Comet unsolved.

And on that note

Later Fletcherfans!

Later Fletcherfans!