By the power vested in me, by me, I declare the first ever Murder She Blogged Twitterthon, aka Murder She Tweeted Part The First will take place on Sunday, March 9 at 12pm.

If you are anywhere other than Victoria, New South Wales or Tasmania you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly. If I know time zones (and I don’t), that should be around 7pm on the east coast of America? Maybe?

Anyway, that will give you enough time to hunt down a copy of The Celtic Riddle , the most recent Murder She Wrote movie, which I’ve chosen because it will be almost St Patricks Day which is almost my favourite non-public holiday behind Eurovision weekend and you bet your arse when I become supreme dictator of the multiverse that’s going to be a long weekend.

Sorry, I digress.

Put it in your calendar Fletcherfans, this is going to be fun!

See you next week!