JB is off to Comstock Idaho (which is what I would imagine the middle of nowhere is called) to visit her newly widowed friend Linda Stephens, wife of the late Mayor Jimmy Stephens who died in a car crash. Only Jimmy’s father Harry is convinced otherwise, and is determined to keep digging, against the wishes of Creepy Sheriff Orville Yates and Creepy Deputy Wayne Beeler.

Jess has also arrived in town just in time for the special election to elect a new mayor, on account of the last one dropping off the perch (so to speak). Jimmy’s friend David Carroll (previously seen in X-Men as Senator Kelly, that evil so-and-so) is running to replace Jimmy but is up against Creepy Yates, who has the support of the local illegal casino owner Gil Stokes and dodgy bar owner Kate Gunnerson.

This is all quite exciting! I’m liking this episode already. Possibly because of its Glorious Lack Of Grady (GLOG).

Anyway, JB is with Linda at City Hall to collect posters to stick up around town when Harry comes barrelling in to demand a court order ordering Sheriff Yates to turn over Jimmy’s car to Linda. Harry’s convinced there’s evidence proving the car was tampered with, but initial efforts to liberate the car from the pound resulted in Creepy Deputy Beeler putting Harry in a chokehold. David gets the order from the judge, but when they arrive at the pound the car has conveniently gone missing. SHENANIGANS!

Creepy Sheriff does not take kindly to JB suggesting that he doesn’t want to disobey a court order just before an election.

(Actual line: "You must be from out of town."

(Actual line: “You must be from out of town.”

(Actual line: "Well what's that got to do with anything?"

(Actual line: “Well what’s that got to do with anything?”

(Actual line: "Folks around here know better than to make threats against the Sheriff)

(Actual line: “Folks around here know better than to make threats against the Sheriff)”

Yeah. There’s never a bad time to quote Eddie Izzard. That’s science. Anyway, JB won’t stand for Creepy Sheriff trying to get all up in her business.

Actual line: "Where I come from, no one has to. The Sheriff upholds the law."

Actual line: “Where I come from, no one has to. The Sheriff upholds the law.”


That night Linda and JB are getting ready for bed when they hear glass breaking downstairs. They go to investigate, shotgun at the ready, but it’s only Harry looking for proof of Creepy Orville & Co.’s shady dealings. Linda gets upset at Harry’s conspiracy theory and goes to make coffee but Jess is convinced that Harry’s on to something. Harry finds the ring his father made, that he gave to Jimmy, and takes it back. JB finds a piece of paper with a long string of numbers and letters in Jimmy’s wallet. Harry’s eyes light up, and without any explanation he copies out the note and tells JB to tell Linda he’s off to get evidence to give to Captain Ernest Lenko at the State Police. Jess warns him to be careful and Harry tells her not to worry, he’s not getting into any “car accidents”.

Cut to Harry’s dead body being thrown out of a moving car. Sigh.

Linda is asked by Creepy Sheriff Orville to identify Harry’s body, making JB furious. She asks him why someone else can’t do it but he says it’s procedure. JB harangues until he finally tells her how Harry died – a whack on the head before being thrown out of a car. Jess asks him if he thinks it’s a coincidence that Jimmy and Harry both died on lonely roads but Creepy Orville won’t have a bar of it. Dave Carroll comes barrelling into the office demanding to know why Linda is identifying the body when surely Creepy Orville could have just confirmed the ID with Harry’s license. He also demands Orville hand over Harry’s effects – his wallet, his keys and his ring but Orville tells them that not only did he not have those things on him, but that he didn’t have boots either.

Outraged at the lack of action, JB goes to see Captain Lenko to see if more can be done. In this scene (and to be fair, the rest of them too) Captain Lenko is played by Greg’s Dad from Dharma and Greg.

Doesn't look any different.

Doesn’t look any different.

JB rages at him about the crime wave in Comstock (which is saying something when someone from Cabot Cove is calling you out on it) but Blenko knows all about it. He tells her that they’ve attempted to raid the illegal casino many times but every time they get there the crooks have been tipped off, as Blenko is legally obliged to inform Orville of an intent to raid. It even happened two nights before Jimmy died, when Orville was out of town at a convention (I’m assuming it was Comicon.) Jess tells him Harry thought he’d found proof and shows him the piece of paper with the cipher on it but Blenko doesn’t recognise it.

Jess goes to see Linda, who is packing up Jimmy’s office and tries to convince her that Jimmy was murdered but she refuses to listen. David comes in and offers JB a lift to the library, but as they walk out JB tells him she’d like to see where Jimmy died first. Jimmy’s secretary, Cindy, takes special note of the news. Dave tells JB he’ll just go and tell his secretary to hold his calls and he’ll take her out. As they are driving down the road a truck comes up behind them and starts shunting into their car. David tries to shake them off but instead veers off the road and crashes into a ditch. The ambulance arrives, followed by Creepy Orville, who is sceptical about this tale of a Runaway Truck of Doom that was so mud splattered that neither JB nor David could get a glimpse of the driver or the license plate.

That night, recovering from her bruises, JB calls Blenko and asks him about the possibility that a passing hobo could have spotted Harry’s body and taken his shoes. Blenko agrees to look into it. She also tells him about her suspicions that someone in the mayor’s office is a mole – only David, Linda, JB and Cindy the secretary knew about her and David driving out to where Jimmy died. Blenko tells her to be careful.

The next morning, George McDaniels – another friend of Jimmy and Linda’s at City Hall – calls JB in to David’s office. David’s secretary tells them that Cindy, Jimmy’s secretary, is having an affair with Creepy Deputy Beeler. The mole has been caught!

JB confronts Cindy when she arrives at the office. She swears she never told Creepy Beeler about JB and David’s trip out to the crash site, but admits that she was telling him other things but she was only doing it because he was really mean when he was angry but she couldn’t leave him because she loved him and that he was going to ask his wife for a divorce as soon as she had the baby and…



JB asks her if she told Creepy Beeler about the raid on the casino when Creepy Orville was out of town but she tells Jess that she didn’t know anything about it. JB believes her, and so asks her about the slip of paper that Harry had been so excited about. Cindy tells her they are two legal references, and offers to find them for her. When she opens to the right page, a slip of paper falls out. Jess reads it and immediately goes to show Blenko. Wedged into the notes about a case of an elected official taking bribes for political support is a sworn statement from an electrician who was called to make emergency repairs at the casino – while Creepy Orville stood around in full view of all the gambling and shenanigans. The other legal reference referred to a case of election fraud where the official used the ‘cemetery vote’ – getting voter names from gravestones a la Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons to get him over the line. That case didn’t contain any bonus proof, however.

Blenko tells JB he has news for her too – they were right about a hobo stealing Harry’s shoes. They picked him up in the next town trying to buy booze with Harry’s credit card. He had Harry’s wallet, keys and ring. JB wonders at the fact that he only had one set of keys, when Harry left Linda’s with two sets, but it’s the word ‘key’ that sets JB to thinking. She tells Blenko to set up a raid, saying that this time she thinks he’ll find more than lawn furniture.

Trap set, JB goes back to City Hall and starts talking loudly about an imminent raid on the casino. The killer, like a sucker, goes straight to a phone to call ahead and warn them but the police are already there.

The game is up, Bucko.

Never trusted him. It's those thin lips.

Never trusted him. It’s those thin lips.

Turns out the law reference to electoral malfeasance originally contained proof that David dodged up the election. David killed him when Harry was at City Hall looking for proof, and swapped the papers in the law texts over, removing the one incriminating him. Unfortunately for David he accidentally incriminated himself when he asked for Harry’s ring back at the sheriff’s office after he died. Only Jess knew he was wearing the ring again.

Phew. I don’t know about you but that was a little exhausting. Two episodes left to go this season! Stay tuned Fletcherfans!

Later gang!

Later gang!