Sorry about the week off Fletcherfans – lets just say that I hope JB teaches us a Life Lesson about what to do with shoddy removalists. But that’s a whinge for another time.

Exciting news! We’re back in the Cove! (Less exciting news, I actually remember watching this episode on TV earlier in the year). And what’s more, Jess has a new friend. Remember this guy?

For now, he's Sam Breen Attorney-At-Law. But we'll see him again soon.

Once upon a time in Season 1 he was Sam Breen…

He’s moved to the Cove, changed his name, kept the bowtie and become Doctor Seth Hazlitt!

Matt Smith's Doctor Who costume is losely based on this Doctor. (Not true).

Matt Smith’s Doctor Who costume is loosely based on this Doctor. (Not true).

Jess has done her back and is looking for sympathy, but gets nowhere. (I think we’ve all been there). Before too long Amos comes bouncing in – something has happened at the construction site of the new hotel, and he needs Seth, quick.

Something has happened alright. A Simpsons episode has happened.

Look familiar?

Look familiar?


It is a truth universally acknowledged that life is based on episodes of The Simpsons. So if The Simpsons is based on episodes of Murder She Wrote…ow my brain!

Amos is convinced that the angel remains are of Joshua Peabody, Cabot Cove’s best known revolutionary soldier. Seth says bollocks, there’s no such person as Joshua Peabody. JB is on the fence, while local entrepreneur Harry Pierce says who cares, make with the digging already! Incidentally, we’ve met Harry Pierce before too, although last time he was a Hollywood director and before that he was creepy and kooky.



Harry is close to bullying Amos to get the bones out so he can continue on his hotel building way, when Our Heroine quietly points out to Amos that the victim, whomever they are, could have been murdered, and that nothing should be touched.

Amos considers this for three months a while, then beams and agrees with Jessica. No construction going on here!

Seth takes the bones back to his office to measure, and JB rings up the local antique dealer who just so happens to be leading the protest against Harry’s skyscraper hotel. They decide that the musket is the right age for Joshua Peabody, but Seth and Harry aren’t convinced. Harry storms out when Amos refuses to let construction continue on the hotel, and JB portentously wonders if Cabot Cove will ever be the same again. Cue dramatic cut to ad break.

The man bankrolling construction of the hotel, Henderson Wheatley, comes stomping into town demanding answers, heads, and results etc followed closely by Del Scott, a journalist/cast member of Children of the Corn



Wheatley is less than delighted to see her, and gets his lawyer to get her out, along with a court order to resume work. Meanwhile, Del accosts JB on the Fletchmobile and asks her to make a comment on the new hotel for her TV show. JB is less than enthusiastic about speaking out, but Del is persistent. She’s been on his case for years, and she’s determined to bring him down. Jess suggests David Marsh, the antique dealer/leader of the protesting pack, but Del says she’s already been to see him and not only did he refuse, he requested not to be filmed – but she already had.

Down at the police station, Amos is fielding visits from locals who are convinced they know who the skeleton belongs to. Ellsworth Buffum (NOT MAKING THIS UP) demands to claim  the remains on behalf of the Joshua Peabody Society but before Amos can say anything/explode, he gets a phone call – there’s a ruckus at the construction site. Wheatley and David Marsh are staring each other down like a bad Western, Wheatley’s attorney has produced a court order demanding construction resume and it looks like all hope is lost.

Until Ellsworth Buffum steps in with his own injunction, preventing all work until a historical study has been concluded.

Ellsworth Buffum = Cabot Cove's guardian angel. And a boss.

Ellsworth Buffum = Cabot Cove’s guardian angel. And a boss.

The next morning Jess and Amos go back to the site to look for more clues to the identity of the skeleton, but instead find a whole new corpse – Henderson Wheatley in fact. The bodies are just piling up in the Cove this week.

JB and Amos put their heads together and conclude that Wheatley’s body was dumped in the pit after he was killed, probably in a wheelbarrow. (When I say JB and Amos concluded, I mean JB told Amos what happened and Amos went “You’re right Mrs Fletcher!” and drank coffee. Such is the natural order of the universe).

Down the street on the Fletchmobile JB steps in to stop David Marsh’s son Eric from defending his dad’s honour  against another kid. Harry puts his two cents in, David’s wife gets riled up and just as the whole scene is about to explode in a fury of fists (maybe), FBI Agent Fred Keller steps in…and arrests David Marsh for being Daniel Martin, Vietnam War protestor and allegedly responsible for Blowing Things Up In Protest. Amos arrives in his truck and promptly arrests David/Daniel for murdering Wheatley. It appears Amos has been thinking for himself again…

Determined to clear David/Daniel’s name, JB goes to see Kowalski the construction site foreman and susses out who else would have wanted Wheatley dead. He tells her that Wheatley was really good at not paying any money for maintainance for his equipment, and that it resulted in many of his workers dying. Awkward. He also tells her that Wheatley’s attorney, Griswald, has legged it out of town.

Amos jumps on that little tidbit of information and on the news that Harry Pierce was going to be cut loose from the hotel deal. JB brushes all that aside – she’s just realised who the killer is…



In an amazing turn of events, Del Scott turns out to be the sister of one of Wheatley’s workers who died. And yet, noone really cares. Meanwhile, Seth and JB do some quick work to convince Agent Kelleher that David Marsh is not the droid he is looking for, and that the remains they found were of some hobo who lived in Cabot Cove a year before being chased into the fog by a red setter while dressed as an English soldier.

Yeah, this episode was a little weird. But never fear Fletcherfans, we will soldier on. Or something.

Until then, dear reader.

Until then, dear reader.