And now, the thrilling conclusion. Hold on to your hats!

JB Fletcher is in (to quote Ned Flanders) a dilly of a pickle. Her dopey loser nephew Grady is under suspicion of murder, and now she’s starting to fall in love with her publisher. AWKWARD. Her publisher, Cornelius Snodgrass III Preston Giles, puts the moves on her but JB is a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN and busts out the Cabot Cove motto:

Life Lesson #4: “Flowers that bloom too quickly are fair game for a late frost.”

You know it’s serious when someone is busting out the gardening metaphor. Stung by this blow, the Gilester leaves Jess in the cab and tells the driver to see her home.

Screw that. Fletcher is on the case! Jess goes to see Grady’s boss who was mistakenly thought to be shot in the face in the last episode. Unhappy with that, Jess decides that it’s time to do a little snooping of her own and enlists the help of Grady to snoop around his office.

Life Lesson #5: Vigilante justice is socially acceptable if you're a woman in your mid 60s. (Let's all agree now not to tell my mother about this okay?)

Jess overhears a phone conversation with The Wicked Witch (see above helpful screenshot) and decides to tail her. Like I said folks, there ain’t no justice like vigilante justice.

The Wicked Witch (whose real name is Ashley, but let’s face it, who cares right?) nicks onto a bus, leaving The Fletch stranded. After many failed attempts to catch a taxi, she jumps on a bus that conveniently follows the same route. Regularly running public transport at night? Clearly this episode was not filmed in Melbourne.

Now here comes my favourite part. Jess sees Ashley get off the bus in front and immediately tells Tom to stop. (Jess knows the name of every public transportation worker in New York. The woman is amazing).

As she gets off, so does this guy.

I'm not kidding, the music they played for this part was the definition of ominous.

Hot on the tail of a suspect, Jess is walking the streets of Manhattan when SHE IS ALMOST MUGGED BY ANDY GARCIA.

Andy Garcia, looking suspiciously like a Backstreet Boy Gone Bad

I KNOW. Jess tries to bash them over the head with her handbag, (which I’m assuming was this lady’s inspiration) but she’s dragged into an alleyway. Andy Garcia tells her (and I’m not kidding) that he’s gonna give her a free blood test.



Saved by a black man. That must have blown everyone’s mind in 1984. Someone should build a time machine and go tell them who the president is. Wait, I’m getting sidetracked.

Crisis totally averted, Jess is sure she’s got proof to get Grady off the hook. She confronts The Wicked Witch and her accomplice (remember that Broadway producer at the party last week? Yeah, that guy). They admit to stealing financial info from the Captain, Grady’s boss, but not the murders.

Murders? Hell yeah! While JB is trying to get Grady off the hook, her buddy the police chief goes to visit the Captain on his boat but discovers that the Captain is no more. He has ceased to be. He is in fact, an ex-captain. Happily for some, this gets Grady off the hook, and also means that the Wicked Witch and her Broadway pal are off the hook too.

Having got Grady off the hook is enough for Jess though, and she decides to head back to Cabot Cove. But not before a little publisher love.

Grady and his bit of fluff see our heroine off on the train. Jess is, frankly, stoked to be getting the hell out of NYC and back to her small town ways.

But it’s not to be. Because just before the train departs, she realises who the murderer is.

Have you guessed it?

Life Lesson #6 : Be careful who you kiss, because they may turn out to have done it.

Jess is gutted, and after a brief moment where the audience can’t decided whether Preston is going to push her into the pool or not, he confesses. Motives are irrelevant. Bastard! He turns himself into police and the story is wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Victory hers, Jess finally manages to get on the train and head home to her beloved Cabot Cove. Just before the train leaves, Grady’s bit of fluff turns up. The police need Jess’s help. Two wrestlers were found dead at Madison Square Garden, one stabbed the other drowned.

Spoiler alert: the next episode doesn’t contain any wrestlers. I know, I’m gutted too.

Until next time, dear reader.